The end result is a bolt-on Evo big-bore kit that provides the extra power that any of you Evolution-engine owners would welcome. Our bottom end returns to us from Revolution Performance very well packed for shipping. The engine case and flywheel have been rebuilt and reconditioned and assembled for install. Also included is the Revolution Performance inch bolt on Nikasil cylinder and piston kit as well as its stage 4 heads.

All you need to go fast faster. Using a stud installer tool, we were able to install all the studs into their locations without marring the threads. To torque the cylinder studs, we installed a small ball bearing into a head bolt. This enables a proper torque. The ball bearing will allow you to remove the head bolt without removing the stud. Prior to installing the top end, be sure to first clean the cylinders with soapy water to be certain there is no debris that could cause damage.

We re-cleaned the cylinders with brake cleaner after washing. Next we placed the piston ring into the cylinder and level with the piston.

We took a feeler gauge to measure the gap of the piston ring then repeated the process on all rings. Using a piston ring cutting tool, we cut the rings to the appropriate sizes.

After the rings were sized, we installed the piston using a piston ring spreader tool. This tool ensures the piston rings will not mar or scrape the pistons sides when installing. Using the Revolution Performance supplied assembly lubricant, we coated the wrist pin prior to installing the pistons onto the rods. Making sure to install the pistons in the correct direction, we slid the wrist pin through the piston and connecting rod. Then we installed the rear base gasket and repeated the same process as doing the front cylinder.

Using a piston ring compression tool, we squeezed the rings so the cylinder slipped over them. Be sure to remove any rags or tools before pushing cylinder on to engine case. Pictured here is the front and rear cylinder installed. Note that the directional arrows point to the correct piston direction. Verify the cylinder heads are clean are free of debris.

These heads are Revolution Performance stage 4 heads, ported and worked. We then installed the head over the head gasket and installed the head bolts. Knocking out the rocker arm shafts to measure and removing the rockers only takes a few minutes and can be the difference between a loud motor and a quiet one.

After assembling the rocker supports we installed the lower rocker gasket and the lower rockers onto the cylinder head. Then we installed the tappet blocks and gaskets into the appropriate cavity. Each block is marked front and rear. Next we installed the OEM oil lines and their gaskets. Be sure to tighten all fittings to factory specs. Pictured here is our rebuilt, refreshed H-D Evolution motor that will provide ample power and a pleasing ride.

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harley evo bottom end rebuild

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Harley Top End Rebuild - Time Lapse

Triumph Parts Yamaha Parts. Klim Kriega Metzeler Michelin Puig. Perfect for them. Hassle-free exchanges.This includes installing a Timken insert, truing, taper fit plug, balancing and welding your crankshaft and boring your engine cases. TR knows your engine is only as good as the bottom end! Trust your bottom end to one of the finest names in the business T-Man PerformanceTR disassembles your crankshaft, trues, taper fit plugs and welds the assembly forming a solid connection between your piston and primary.

This assembly is precision balanced with your pistons.

In The Shop: Evolution Top End Removal and Replacement

If you want, T-Man Performance can even bore the cases out to accept larger cylinders. The insures no matter what Horsepower and Torque you put through the bottom end, it will be able to take it.

Timken Inserts …. T-Man performance machines and installs this insert to provide the critical crankshaft control needed by a high performance engine. Complete in-house disassembly-reassembly, T-Man Performance now offers their precision crankshaft service. TR has built the jigs and developed the precision components needed to properly repair and rebuild VTwin crankshafts.

From stock crankshafts to higher performance ones, all can be bettered by having T-Man Performance rebuild it. The Devil is in the Details…. Because Taper Rods where supplied stock, the wheels were designed with this in mind. With the use of H-Beam Rods, there is not enough metal that can be removed to properly balance the flywheel. He is the first to do this. T-Man Performance will case bore your cases to accomendate up to 4. Join Us. Custom M8 Head Breathers.

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Oil Pan Vent Kit. Bottom End Services. Taper Plugging…. High Performance in the making! Case boring to accommodate up to 4. All machine work is done in-house on a five axis machine center. T-Man Performance Tech Tips. Search for:.The item selected will only fit the motorcycles listed.

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Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Complete 80" harley engine rebuild kit? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Complete 80" harley engine rebuild kit? I would like to bend your ear if i may? My old Tour glide has over 91, miles on it and is still running strong but i have an oil leak under the cylinder heads i would like to get rid of. With that many miles i would like to just rebuild the engine since i have to take it down anyway.

harley evo bottom end rebuild

The problem is that it has been about thirty years since i have rebuilt an engine and i intended to do it myself but have the pre-project jitters? I have lost track of such things? I have no problem keeping the engine an 80", it has pleased me so far, and has powered my trike to my satisfaction.

At 40, miles i put in a one step hotter cam can't remember what the numbers on it were? I am just starting to look into the project and your guidance has been good so far!

I think i am leaning toward OEM Harley parts? Enjoy life now! Re: Complete 80" harley engine rebuild kit? Sounds to me that all you have is leaking base gaskets.

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You'll have to pull the jugs and while you're in there just check the tolerances on the pistons and rings. At 91K they probably could stand being changed.

Since you'll have the rocker boxes off just get a gasket kit and change them out.Bob began by bolting up a set of torque plates to the Axtell cylinders. He then used a bore gauge to accurately measure the cylinder bore; it measured 3.

Axtell included a set of JE pistons and gaskets with the cylinders. The pistons came complete with wrist pins, locks, and a full set of rings. Once unpacked, they were measured with a micrometer.

harley evo bottom end rebuild

They came in at. Before proceeding further, Eric placed a Cometic base gasket over the cylinder studs prior to checking the rear cylinder for clearance. There was a bit of interference at the bottom of the cylinder and fin and the lifter block.

harley evo bottom end rebuild

The affected areas were marked with White Out. With the cylinder on the bench, a little attention from a die grinder was all that was needed to allow the cylinder to fit squarely on the case. Just a touch of black paint, and the cylinder looked like new.

This allowed him to measure the deck height dimension from the top of the cylinder to the top of the piston at TDC. He did this with a straightedge and a feeler gauge. The measurement came out to.

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We got there by swapping out the. Bob then used a feeler gauge to check for proper ring end gap. He likes to have. Based on a 3. They measured. The rings were then gently manipulated to slide into the bottom of the cylinder.

Bob inserted them just far enough to be sure the oil-control ring was not showing. Prior to sliding the cylinder and piston over the cylinder studs, some assembly lube was spread over the piston's skirt. Bob lowered the components until Eric was able to slide the wristpin through the connecting rod and the piston. After installing the second cylinder and piston, Eric used a spline ratcheting output wrench to spin the crank, verifying that everything rotated smoothly.

On a set of stock Harley heads, you won't find a shim under the lower collar. To ensure tight tolerances and a precise fit, STD includes them with its heads. In order to install the valve keepers, Eric placed the head in a valvespring compressor to aid in assembly. A close look at the compressed spring revealed the relief in the valve stem in which the keepers will sit.

Cometic's three-piece head gaskets are held together with a pair of rivets.Sending your heads, crank and cases for modification?

Why not have Revolution Performance assemble a complete engine? Each engine build is different. Call today and allow our technical staff to develop a solution, to fit your needs and budget.

We can even assist in shipping. Deliver your bike to our facility in beautiful Plymouth, WI either in person or by a shipping service. After an extensive consultation, we will remove, disassemble, clean, inspect, build, reinstall, then tune your new engine to perfection.

When you see your bike again, its ready to ride!

How much does it cost to rebuild a Harley Davidson 1340 Evolution motor?

We will disassemble, clean, inspect, and then reassemble to your specifications. Stock rebuild or custom big bore, we will send your complete engine back, ready to reinstall and tune in your chassis. Includes install of cam chest, pushrods, and rocker boxes. We can assist with shipping! Let us assemble the long block assembly so you only need to add the details when you get your engine back. Does not include cam chest and rocker boxes. Revolution Performance will disassemble, clean, evaluate your engine and then generate a complete quote for the repair.

If you decide to go in another direction, you are only committed to the evaluation service and return shipping. If you decide to go forward with the build, the evaluation is included in the build cost.

Note: This price does NOT include models before Note: If we are not tuning your bike, you will be responsible for all tuning after your engine build is complete.

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